A secret conspiracy
fuck shit

The Care-Nots – “Post-Romantic Express”

  The Post-Traumatic Slaves present the sophomore EP from the Care-Nots, a collaboration featuring Zoe and Nappy […]

Alfie Lenox – “Problematic Opera”

  Alfie Lenox presents “Problematic Opera” – the soundrack to self-actulaization within a free-market dystopia.

The Newlyweds – “Chill Mufuckas, The Album’s Coming”

The Post Traumatic Slaves present the newlyweds, a duo of matrimonial sorts. Chill Mufuckas The Album’s Coming […]

The Care-Nots – “The Ills of Jack and Jill”

“The Post-Traumatic Slaves present The Care-Nots – a collaborative project featuring Zoe and Nina Saraphina. The two […]

Zoe Alexandria on Soundcloud

East Oakland Jazz Quartet on Soundcloud

Alfie Lenox – “Negritude”

“This is the culmination of months of not hanging out with my friends as often as I […]
The Crew

We are more than just a rap collective. We are a digital art powerhouse, a community, a concentrated vortex of sheer talent. Fuck.wit.us. 



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